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Year 12 Employment Academy

The Year 12 Employment Academy aims to give students extra help to develop a clear career pathway. It will support students in their final year of compulsory education to make the right choices on their next steps – whether that is entering further education or other training, or getting a job.

About the academy

Students will get weekly ongoing, intensive, tailored mentoring and support for an 18 month period. During this time they will:

  • visit various employers
  • gain work experience
  • receive accredited training
  • develop skills employers are looking for
  • design their own summer programme, and
  • be matched to education, employment and training after school ends.

This programme is centred on the young person, and provides them with the support and opportunities to help them achieve their goals and move on to the next stage in their journey after school ends.

All activities will be agreed in partnership with the school.

What’s required?

Young people must agree to get fully involved in the programme. In addition, parents or guardians should agree to the young person participating.

For more information contact a member of our team on 028 9027 0229 or email

Contact us
Economic Development
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