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Useful information

Terms and conditions

Our standard terms and conditions are incorporated into all of our contracts.

If personal data will be processed as part of an awarded contract, then General Data Protection Reregulation (GDPR) terms and conditions will apply.

Where GDPR is NOT Applicable Where GDPR is Applicable

Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy Statement

As part of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/ Integrated Management System (IMS) and to integrate sustainability into procurement, we have produced a Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy Statement which sets out our commitments to sustainability.

As a supplier, your contribution and your environmental performance has a major influence on our environmental impact. We believe that suppliers who effectively embrace environment concerns are making an investment which will provide a long-term competitive advantage. We would like our supply base to be one hundred per cent environmentally committed. We have added criteria to our selection process to evaluate the element of suppliers' quality systems that are linked to continuous environmental improvement.

We are looking for supplier to show that they working towards the following:

  • Responsibility for environmental management is allocated to a specific person
  • Environmental policy in place
  • Environmental audit completed
  • Register of Environmental Regulations and Legislation in place
  • Register of environmental effects in place
  • Action plan to reduce environmental impacts
  • Evidence of reduced environmental impacts
  • Continuous environmental improvement.

This is a learning process for many suppliers and we are keen to work with you to improve your environmental management systems to meet the requirements of our tender process.

Good Relations

As with all of our procedures, we are committed to supporting equality and good relations principles.


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