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Selling to us

In this section you can find out about:

Register your company

To add your company's details to our supplier database, complete the form below and email it to 

Departmental contacts

Each of our six departments is individually responsible for most of their own purchasing.

Department Contact name  Telephone number  Email address 
Chief Executive's  Beverley Bothwell 028 9027 0561
Place and Economy Mandy Pryce 028 9091 8792
Neil Williams 028 9027 0605
Finance and Resources  Nicky Wilson 028 9032 0202 extension 42023
City and Neighbourhood Services Donna Walsh Cleansing 028 9032 0202 extension 5266
James Gault 028 9032 0202 extension 5372
Gillian McIlwaine
028 9027 0442
Annette Grimes Waste Management  028 9027 0567
Robbie McCormick 028 9027 0652
Emma Howell Parks and Leisure 028 9032 0202 extension 3436
Physical Programmes Maria McManamon Capital programme 028 9032 0202 extension 6023


How the process works

We use an electronic tendering system to manage our procurement and to communicate with tenders.

If you're interested in selling to us, you can register your company's details on esourcingni and view our tender opportunities.

You can search for projects without registering for esourcingni. But you need to register to submit a tender.

There is an online messaging facility, so you can message us about tenders.


You must complete all questions in the qualification, technical and commercial section. If you don't provide all of the details, your tender may be rejected.

Once the deadline has passed the portal will close and you'll not be able to submit your tender.

Select lists

On some occasions you may be invited to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). PQQs will be evaluated in the same way as tenders. We’ll compile a list of pre-qualified companies (select list) and asked them to submit their tender prices. These lists won’t become official lists of suppliers, as we don’t maintain general select lists of companies.

When completing an PQQ, you must complete all questions in the qualification and technical sections. If you don’t submit all the information requested, your PQQ may be rejected.

Once the deadline has passed the portal will close and you’ll not be able to submit your PQQ.


The specification for a PQQ or a tender will usually include:

  • information and instructions for tenderers
  • closing date and time
  • criteria for evaluation
  • details of the goods or services that we need.

Evaluating submissions

An evaluation panel will consider the submissions and evaluate them using the following criteria:

  • cost and value for money (tenders only)
  • financial stability
  • resource capacity
  • technical capability
  • relevant experience
  • environmental management
  • ability to supply.

We’ll notify successful and unsuccessful suppliers via esourcingni. We’ll also provide contact details, if you want feedback on your submission.

Contact us
Corporate Procurement Services
028 9032 0202 ext 3113
Belfast City Hall