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Community Support Plan

Much of our community development work is done through our community centres, grant programmes and community development across Belfast.

This work is partly funded by the Department for Social Development's Community Support programme, which aims to strengthen local communities, increase participation and promote social inclusion through community groups, community activity and local advice services.

To be eligible for funding, we have to prepare a Community Support Plan that describes how we will deliver services that help to achieve these goals.

We consulted with local communities and partner organisations on our Community Development Strategy and Community Support Plan for 2011-2014.  Following this consultation, we produced our final strategy and plan. The priorities and projects identified in our Community Support Plan are heavily influenced by our Community Development Strategy.

Download the Executive Summary of the Community Development Strategy (PDF - 1.63MB)

Download the Community Development Strategy (PDF - 191KB)

Download the Community Support Plan 2011-14 (PDF - 677KB)   

Why do we need a Community Development strategy?

Many organisations in Belfast are doing important community development work and contributing to community development outcomes.  But neither the statutory sector or the local community and voluntary sectors have established a shared understanding of what they mean by community development and what they want to achieve from it.

This makes it more difficult for us and other agencies to identify and share priorities, target resources efficiently and measure the success of what they are doing. It also makes it harder for organisations to plan and work together to achieve common aims within communities. Our strategy aims to addresses these issues.  

Delivering community services

We look after four main areas, based on themes outlined in our Community Support Plan, and also deliver a range of community funding opportunities:

  • advice services - this includes core funding to cover revenue and other operational costs, as well as supplementary funding for advice outreach costs (together with the Department for Social Development)
  • building grants
  • financial support towards the running costs of community buildings
  • community development projects
  • grants for summer play schemes for children and young people aged five - 14 years
  • Community Chest grant.