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Refunds and exchanges

Unwanted gifts

Have you received a gift you don't like, need or maybe you received two identical items?

Unfortunately, there is no general legal right to return unsuitable goods. However, the buyer has rights in law to return goods that are faulty, not as described or not fit for purpose.

If you need to return unwanted gifts, check if the retailer has a returns policy and if so what it is. Most retailers choose to provide a 'goodwill' returns policy, offering an exchange, refund or credit note for most returns. Remember though, a returns policy is not a legal requirement so the retailer can choose the rules. Therefore, they can ask for a receipt and limit the time you have to return the item.

If you weren’t given a receipt or gift receipt, you’ll need to ask the person who bought it for you if they can return the item or ask them for the receipt. If it was bought online, you may need to ask the person who bought it to return it, as there are special rules for online purchases.

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