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Balmoral Cemetery

Coronavirus update

The cemetery is open daily to visitors. For opening times in Belfast City, Roselawn, Dundonald and Knockbreda cemeteries, go to:

Burial arrangements

As we continue to review our service delivery in response to COVID-19, we are introducing further measures in relation to burial arrangements at our cemeteries.

Work on memorials

The processing of applications for new memorials and additional inscriptions has resumed.

All applications will be completed electronically and site visits will be by appointment only. Please email or call the Cemeteries Office on 028 9027 0296.

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Cemetery location

Stockman’s Lane

BT9 7JA 

Enter from Stockman's Lane, just off Lisburn Road.

Bereavement Services

Our Bereavement Services Office is located on the Ground Floor, Cecil Ward Building, 4-10 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BP.

Our phone number is 028 9027 0296.

Contact our Bereavement Services Office if you have a query about our cemeteries. 

Office opening hours

 Day  Time
Monday and Friday  8.30am - 4pm 
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  9am - 4pm 
Saturday  8.30am - 11.30am 

Opening hours

The cemetery is open by appointment only. Call us on 028 9027 0296 to arrange an appointment. 

Access information

Take Metro 9 A-C, 90 or 92 from Belfast city centre. There is no car parking available at the cemetery, which contains level ground throughout for those with disabilities.

About the cemetery

Balmoral Cemetery, located in south Belfast, opened to the public in 1855. The graveyard, originally known as Belfast Cemetery, Malone, became public property in 1953. Although burials no longer take place in the cemetery, the historical site can be opened for visitors. 


Balmoral Cemetery opened in 1855 after Reverend Henry Cooke and Reverend Joseph Mackenzie of Malone were refused permission to carry out a ‘proper’ Presbyterian funeral in another churchyard. The pair decided to set up their own burial ground on land belonging to Reverend Mackenzie, beside Stockman’s Lane.

The new cemetery was controlled by a board of trustees which included three Presbyterian ministers. Burials were mostly of subscribing and non-subscribing Presbyterians but the graveyard was also used by other denominations.

By the 1920s, the site had fallen into disrepair and, in 1953, it was taken over by Belfast Corporation (now the council).

Famous burials

Amongst those buried in Balmoral Cemetery are:

  • Reverend Joseph Mackenzie (1811-1883) - co-founder of the site
  • Reverend Henry Cooke (1788-1868) - co-founder of the site. Cooke was a prominent Presbyterian noted for his conservative views. His funeral was described as being 'probably the largest ever to take place in Belfast' at the time. A statue of Cooke, known locally as the Black Man, was erected in College Square East in 1876
  • Dr Wilberforce Arnold (1838-1891) - founder of the Presbyterian Orphan Society
  • William Batt (1840-1910) - architect who designed the front gate lodge for Botanic Garden.

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