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Children and young people

We want all Belfast’s children and young people (CYP) to reach their potential and to know Belfast is the place to be to do just that.

In December 2014, we agreed a strategic outcomes approach to delivering children and young people's services.

We’ve made a commitment to support children and young people to be:

  • empowered
  • safe
  • happy
  • achieving at each stage of life
  • playing their part in their city and communities.

We’ve made this commitment as a partner in the CYPSP’s Belfast Outcomes Group and to fulfil our duty under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

At present we encourage this by:

Members of the council have endorsed the current approach and each political party can choose to nominate a CYP political champion to support the development of this work. They also support the events and activities we provide throughout the year.

For more information please email  or call the CYP team on 028 9032 0202.

If you have a specific request you may contact the relevant person directly:

Play Development Officer
Tel: 028 9027 0470 or Mob: 07876477373

Young People Co-ordinator
Tel: 028 9050 0521 or Mob: 0782792569

Children and Young People Outcomes Framework 

Staff Toolkit

Safeguarding children

The council is represented on the Safeguarding Board NI’s Belfast Safeguarding panel and the local government safeguarding network. We are an active supporter of ‘Keeping Children Safe’ training with officers trained to deliver the safeguarding training internally and in communities.

Child Protection Policy (2009)

Our current Child Protection Policy (2009) is available to download below.

The document outlines the policy and practice for staff and volunteers in their roles along with training and support. It sets out the procedure for reporting concerns and how to contact the council’s dedicated designated officer team for support and guidance on safeguarding children and young people.  It also outlines a code of behaviour for all staff and volunteers.