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Due to COVD-19 this community centre is still closed but a phased reopening of some of our other community centres started on 1 September.

Community centres

Olympia Community Centre

Opening hours

In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the community centre is closed.

Day Times
Monday 9am - 5pm
6pm - 9.30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
6pm - 9.30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
6pm - 9.30pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
6pm - 9.30pm
Friday 9am - 4.30pm
6pm - 9pm

Hire prices

Hall 9am to 7pm (price per hour) 7pm to midnight (price per hour)
Main hall £2.15 per hour £3.47 per hour
Minor hall £1.42 per hour £1.94 per hour
Craft room £1 per hour £1.94 per hour

Commercial bookings are charged at four times the hourly rate.

Belfast WiFi

Free WiFi is available at this venue.

Classes and activities

  • Monday
    Class or activity Time
    Active communities coaching 9am - 12 noon
    After-school club (primary 1 to 7) 2pm - 5pm
    Cedar Foundation 2pm - 4pm
    Lifeline 6pm - 9pm
    South Belfast Active Communities exercise class 10am - 12 noon  
    Supporters Club (fortnightly) 8pm - 9pm
    Triathlon Club 7pm - 9pm
    Yoga 12pm - 1pm
    Youth Club 6pm - 9.30pm
    Youth Club for 10 - 14 year olds 6pm - 9.30pm
  • Tuesday
    Class or activity Time
    After-school club (primary 1 to 3) 2pm - 5pm
    Boxercise 7.30pm - 8.30pm
    Community after-school (primary 1 to 3) 2pm - 3.30pm
    Families of Ups and Downs 7pm - 9pm
    NI Reef Club 7pm - 9.30pm
    Taekwondo 6.30pm - 7.30pm
    Tia Kwon 6pm - 7pm
    Young women's group (14 to 18 years old) 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Wednesday
    Class or activity Time
    Community after-school (primary 4 to 7) 3pm - 4.30pm
    Hound club 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    Indian community 11.30am - 3.30pm (fortnightly)
    Indian Seniors' group 1pm - 4pm
    Lifeline 9.30am - 4pm  
    Parent and toddler 10am - 1pm
    Pensioners' Keep Fit 10am - 11am
    Senior citizens club 2pm - 5pm
    Studio drama 6pm - 9.30pm
  • Thursday
    Class or activity Time
    After-school club (primary 4 to 7) 3pm - 5pm
    Fencing club 7.15pm - 9.15pm
    Interlingo 6.30pm - 8.30pm
    Kettle Bells 7pm - 8pm
    Lifeline 10am - 4pm
    Taekwondo 6pm - 7pm
    Tia Kwon 6pm - 7pm
  • Friday
    Class or activity Time
    After-school club (primary 1 to 7) 2pm - 5pm
    Ballroom dancing 6pm - 9pm
    Chest Heart Stroke 12 noon - 3pm
    Chest Heart Stroke 9am - 3.30pm
    Sign Language 6pm - 9pm (fortnightly)   
    Speech and language class 7pm - 9pm
    Youth drama 6.30pm - 9pm
  • Saturday
    No classes or activities
  • Sunday
    No classes or activities

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028 9024 7547

Boucher Road, Belfast, BT12 6NA

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