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Report antisocial behaviour

To report an incident of antisocial behaviour, contact police on the non-emergency telephone number,101.

Antisocial behaviour officers

If you encounter antisocial behaviour in your area, you can contact our antisocial behaviour officers.

We have four antisocial behaviour officers. They are:

  • Andrew Claydon (west and east Belfast) - 028 9032 0202 ext 3485 or mobile 078 2542 0791
  • Keith Addy (south Belfast) – 028 9032 0202 ext 3298 or mobile 078 7668 6660
  • Paul Cleary (north Belfast) – 028 9032 0202 ext 3394 or mobile 078 2514 0523
  • Jeremy Ferris (parks or city centre) - 077 8783 5922

During normal office hours you can also contact us on 028 9027 0469 or email

Neighbourhood officers

We have eight neighbourhood officers who target areas with high levels of antisocial behaviour.

They work Monday to Thursday (2pm to 10pm) and Friday and Saturday (4.30pm to midnight)

Their role is to:

  • provide a visible presence
  • offer guidance, support and advice on community safety issues
  • challenge low-level antisocial behaviour
  • enforce laws relating to on-street drinking and environmental crime
  • help to reduce crime and fear of crime

Park wardens

Our park wardens tackle antisocial behaviour (ASB) in our parks. They patrol the parks at peak times to deal with issues like littering, dog fouling and drinking. 

For more information on our park wardens, email or call us on 028 9091 8767.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

If the person carrying out the behaviour is a Housing Executive tenant, you can contact them on 0344 892 0900. For more information visit their website.

Housing associations

If the person carrying out the behaviour is tenant in housing association accommodation, contact their housing association.

Social services

If your complaint concerns children, older people or those with a mental illness, contact Belfast Health and Social Care Trust on 028 9056 5656 for further guidance.  For more information visit their website.

Northern Ireland Ombudsman

If you complain to any of these agencies about their service and you are not satisfied with their response, you can contact the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman:

  • telephone 0800 343 424


Contact us
Antisocial behaviour
028 9027 0469