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City of Belfast Crematorium provides cremation services for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. It is located within the grounds of Roselawn Cemetery on the Ballygowan Road, Crossnacreevy, just outside Belfast. 

We’re happy to help with any queries you may have. 

You can call us at our Bereavement Services office on 028 9027 0296 for more information or to enquire about how to organise a cremation.

Bereavement Services office

Our Bereavement Services office is now located on the Ground Floor, Cecil Ward Building, 4-10 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BP. 

Our telephone number is 028 9027 0296.

Opening hours for Bereavement Services office

Day  Time 
Monday and Friday  8.30am - 4pm 
Tuesday to Thursday  9am - 4pm 
Saturday  8.30am - 11.30am 

Opening hours for City of Belfast Crematorium

We are open for general enquiries and for viewing the Books of Remembrance at the following times:

 Day  Times 
 Monday to Friday   8.30am - 5pm
 Saturday  8.30am - 2pm
 Sunday  2pm - 4pm (for viewing Books of Remembrance only) 


Cremations are available at the following times:

 Day  Time
 Monday to Friday   8.30am - 5pm 
 Saturday  8.30am - 2pm
 There are no cremations on Sundays

Holiday opening hours

The Bereavement Services office and crematorium building is closed on some bank and public holidays.

Access to City of Belfast Crematorium

AccessAble - Click for access information


129-131 Ballygowan Road
BT5 7TZ 

Enter via Ballygowan Road.

Bus service

We run a free bus service for older people (aged 50 or above) travelling to and from Roselawn Cemetery and City of Belfast Crematorium.

Crematorium grounds and Roselawn Cemetery opening hours

The crematorium grounds and Roselawn Cemetery provides car parking, including reserved parking for those with disabilities. We are open every day of the year.

Date Opening hours 
1 March - 31 March  8am - 6pm (Monday to Saturday)
10am - 6pm (Sunday)
1 April - 30 September 8am – 6pm (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)
8am – 8pm (Tuesday and Thursday)
10am - 6pm (Sunday) 
1 - 31 October  8am - 4pm (Monday to Saturday)
10am - 6pm (Sunday)
1 November - 28 February 8am - 4pm (Monday to Saturday)
10am - 4pm (Sunday)
Public holidays  Opening hours may vary during public holidays
View holiday opening hours

Reflections Coffee Shop

If you're organising a service for a loved one at the City of Belfast Crematorium, you may want to provide refreshments for relatives and friends.

Recycling of metals

Since 2010, the City of Belfast Crematorium has been a member of the Institute of Crematorium and Cemetery Management (ICCM). This membership provides the opportunity to donate money received from the recycling of metals that remain after cremation to a bereavement related charity.

If you have any queries or would like further information on this scheme, please contact us on 028 9044 8342.

Belfast WiFi

Free WiFi is available in the site office.

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Contact us
City of Belfast Crematorium
028 9044 8342
Roselawn Cemetery and Crematorium
129-131 Ballygowan Road