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Fairtrade is a trading partnership that seeks greater equality in international trade. It supports sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to producers and workers in the developing world.

Belfast was awarded Fairtrade City status in June 2005 by the UK Fairtrade Foundation. It was also granted the same status by Fairtrade Ireland in March 2006, making it the only city in the UK and Ireland to receive this dual title.

Why is Fairtrade needed?

  • Two billion people exist on less than $2 (£1.35) a day.
  • Small-scale producers cannot plan for tomorrow, let alone the future, with constantly changing commodity prices, volatile markets and unfair trade rules.
  • Rising food and fuel costs are hitting the poorest hardest – 100 million more people are in extreme hunger as a result of a global food crisis.
  • The effects of climate change and erratic weather patterns mean reduced harvests and an uncertain future for many communities in the developing world.

What is the Fairtrade certification mark?

This mark is an independent consumer label which can only appear on products from the developing world which meet Fairtrade standards. It guarantees that the producer receives a minimum price for their goods that covers their average costs of sustainable production.

These international standards were established to support the sustainable development of small-scale producers and agricultural workers in the poorest countries in the world.  It certifies products and not companies.

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight is the perfect opportunity to talk about why you support Fairtrade and the impact that it can have.

The next Fairtrade Fortnight takes place between 25 February and 10 March 2019. Whether you produce, stock or distribute Fairtrade products this is your chance to let customers know about your commitment and how Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow the things we love.

Fairtrade Belfast Committee

Dr Christopher Stange - Chairperson
Judith Fawcett - Vice Chair
Gillian Hannah - Secretary
Reginald Clark - Treasurer
Conor Dooley - Communications / Public Relations Officer

History of Fairtrade Belfast

February 2018
Successful renewal of Belfast's dual status as a "Fairtrade City" for a further two years.

March 2017
Fairtrade celebrated with events across Belfast with Fairtrade coffee/cocoa producer from Nicarugua, including Fairtrade hamper raffle donated by Suki Tea.

March 2016
Fairtrade celebrated with events across Belfast including the All Party Group at Stormont with Fairtrade coffee producer from India.

February 2016
Successful renewal of Belfast's dual status as a "Fairtrade City" for a further two years.

September 2015
Belfast holds consultation with Fairtrade Foundation and other Northern Ireland Fairtrade groups to review Fairtrade accreditation and work in Northern Ireland.

December 2014
Welcome to Belfast - "We are a Fairtrade City" road signs unveiled across Belfast.

March 2014
Fairtrade celebrated with events across Belfast and launch of All Party Group at Stormont with Fairtrade producers and growers from Belize and El Salvador.

January 2014
Successful renewal of Belfast's dual status as a "Fairtrade City" for a further two years.

September 2013
Belfast holds consultation with Fairtrade Ireland and other Northern Ireland Fairtrade committees to review Fairtrade accreditation guidelines.

March 2013
Belfast delivers breakfast briefing on Fairtrade: A Guide for Business to Northern Ireland Assembly & Business Trust (NIABT) Members at Stormont, officially launching its pamphlet.

February 2013
Belfast takes part in Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 (from 25 February to 10 March 2013).

March 2012
Belfast launches Fairtrade Fortnight 2012 at Stormont Parliament Buildings.

February 2012
Reception held by Lord Mayor of Belfast to commemorate the work of the Fairtrade Belfast Committee.

November 2011
Belfast dual Fairtrade City status renewed until 2013.

October 2011
Belfast holds 5th Annual Fairtrade Business Awards at Belfast City Hall.

April 2011
Belfast submits Fairtrade City status renewal for another two years to the UK Fairtrade Foundation and Fairtrade Mark Ireland.

March 2011
Belfast launches Fairtrade Fortnight 2011 at Stormont Parliament Buildings.

October 2010
Belfast holds 4th Fairtrade Business Awards.

March to August 2010
Fairtrade Belfast members appointed to the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister’s Sustainable Development steering committee and stakeholders' group for Sustainable Development Strategy and Implementation Plan.

February 2010
Belfast holds Fairtrade event at Stormont, sponsored by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

January 2010
Belfast hosts its first international Fairtrade conference at Belfast City Hall.

Contact us
Fairtrade Belfast
028 9032 0202
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street
BT2 8B