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Community Development Grants: outcomes and indicators

In February 2013, following extensive consultation with the sector under BCIP (Belfast Community Investment Programme), we agreed five community development outcomes that strengthen our commitment to the community development process. All groups that apply for a community development grant will have to tell us how they’re contributing to our outcomes:

1. Residents are active and involved

More residents are active and involved in their community in positive ways, building relationships, groups and activities from which they and others benefit.

This outcome reflects the involvement of residents in community activities, in establishing community groups to undertake activities that improve quality of life for participants.

We acknowledge that the issues that people become active about and the way in which they get involved are very diverse. However, this outcome does not include collective community action to influence service deliver or social policy.

2. Communities are influential and engaged

Residents, communities and the delivery of services benefit from community influence, engagement and collaboration.

This outcome reflects collective community action in order to influence service delivery or social policy. The community action may be taken by a single group, or a number of groups working together.

3. Community groups are resilient and thriving

Community groups achieve more of their objectives and make a greater contribution to local wellbeing (quality of life).

This outcome is about community groups being able to address the needs of their community, for example safer, cleaner and greener, better community relations and healthier.

4. Community buildings are welcoming and inclusive

Community buildings host a diverse range of activities and groups, are used by residents from all sections of the community and are managed effectively as asset.

This outcome is about ensuring that community buildings are well managed and well used by different people in the catchment area.

5. People have access to services and support

More people obtain access to services, benefits and support to which they’re entitled and gain from information, advice and advocacy.

This outcome tries to ensure that people have the information and support they need to access services and support.


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