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Car simulator

The 2 Fast 2 Soon car simulator is a Honda Type R and is used to educate young drivers and passengers about how speeding, driving under the influence of drink or drugs, and distractions can lead to road accidents.

The vehicle can play a number of different scenarios and is fitted with modifications to allow the vehicle to give drivers and passengers the sensation of being involved in a crash.

The simulator has the following features:

  • integrated video screens allowing the operator to show different scenarios
  • adjustable real time hydraulic suspension providing the sensation of driving over different road surfaces
  • internal smoke machine producing harmless smoke
  • emergency services simulated lighting
  • integrated sound system. and
  • rear monitoring screens for spectators to view to view accident.

For more information or to request to use the simulator:

Contact us
Community safety
028 9027 0469
Belfast PCSP
Belfast City Hall