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Enforcement policy

We have a responsibility to enforce a range of legislation which helps make Belfast a safe place to live, work and visit. This legislation covers things like:

  • antisocial behaviour
  • building control
  • the energy performance of buildings
  • cleansing and waste management
  • environmental health
  • licensing (including entertainment and street trading)
  • parks, playing fields and open spaces.

The enforcement policy supports us in:

  • creating a safe and healthy city
  • protecting the public
  • fulfilling our statutory duties
  • ensuring the safety of our staff
  • ensuring better care for Belfast's environment
  • encouraging economic growth through fair and effective regulation

It's consistent with the principles set out in the Government's Better Regulation agenda and the Enforcement Concordat.

It's also intended to improve compliance with legislation while minimising the burden on businesses, individuals, organisations and us.

Statutory responsibilities

We recognise we must act in accordance with our statutory responsibilities in all our dealings.

We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. Therefore any decision regarding enforcement will be impartial and will not be influenced by the religious beliefs, political opinion, racial group, age, gender, marital status or sexual orientation of any alleged offender, complainant or witness.