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Calculate your rates bill

To calculate your rates bill, use the rates calculator on Land & Property Services website.

Your bill is calculated using three pieces of information:

  • capital value of your home
  • district rate -set by councils
  • regional rate - set by central government.

Domestic rate bill for householders

The domestic rate bill is calculated as follows:

(Capital Value of your property) X (Domestic District Rate + Domestic Regional Rate) = Amount to be paid

Business rate bill

The business rate bill is calculated as follows:

(Net Annual Valuation of business premises) X (Non-Domestic District Rate + Non-Domestic Regional Rate) = Amount to be paid

Capital value

The capital value of your home is based on the amount the property could reasonably have sold for on 1 January 2005.

If you would like more information about the capital value of your property please visit

Rates relief

Help available for domestic rates

If you are a student and you own and occupy your own home, you can apply for housing benefit and rate relief via Land & Property Services by calling 0300 200 7801 (charged at local rate). If you rent or live in social housing, call the Housing Executive on 03448 920 902.

Help available for business rates

There are a number of reliefs available to business ratepayers.  For more information about these reliefs and allowances and how to apply for them, if they are eligible, visit

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