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Rates for 2021-2022

  • District rate

    We've agreed a district rate increase of 1.92 per cent for 2021 - 2022. 

    Each year we estimate our income and expenditure for the next financial year. Based on these estimates, we set a district rate for that financial year. The money that we get from district rates enables us to deliver our services during the year. 

    This low increase has been made possible by making continued efficiencies across the council, while also delivering on major capital investment for the ratepayers of the city. Four new leisure centres have opened as part of our £105 million leisure transformation programme. We’ve invested over £50 million directly into communities as well as supporting local regeneration projects and supporting local tourism, new jobs and social economy initiatives. We also invested in the development of urban greenways to connect parks and open spaces and encourage interaction between communities. Find out more about our Belfast Agenda and Corporate Plan.

    We're committed to:

    • providing high standard services
    • value for money services and
    • investing in our citywide and local facilities

    We're also supporting the growth of the economy and creating job opportunities by supporting the development of office accommodation, hotels and retail as part of city centre development.

    The 1.92 per cent district rate increase means an average increase of:

    • 74p per month, or £8.90 per year, for a house
    • £12.10 per month, or £145.19 per year, for an office unit
    • £9.91 per month, or £118.94 per year, for a retail unit
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