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How rates are used - Councillors

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


Council attendence £606,866
Members support £214,188
Hospitality £214,188
Support Services £1,142,336
Shadow council £1,142,336

Council attendance

Member allowances and expenses for attendance at council meetings or other events.

Members support

This includes phones, stationery, computers, a programme of training and development to assist Councillors provide an effective service for their communities and the City.


Hospitality for Lord Mayor and Civic events.

Support services

The Democratic Services section is responsible for the provision of support services to our Councillors including the Lord Mayor and civic office holders.

Shadow council (LGR)

In this transition year we have a standing council that will continue to provide leadership and oversee the day to day running of Belfast City Council until 31 March 2015 and a shadow council to prepare for the new powers and responsibilities we will take on as a result of local government reform from 1 April 2015.
To find out more visit /council/Council.aspx