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How rates are used - Culture and Heritage

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


Art development and support £2,034,786
Heritage £2,159,729
Theatres and public entertainment £2,409,615

Art development & support

As well as providing direct funding to organisations, we also deliver a number of council led and partnership initiatives throughout the year that help strengthen Belfast's culture, heritage and arts offering. Arts and heritage are valued for enriching quality of life and creating wealth, and the city’s culture and creativity is renowned throughout the world.
To find out more visit /tourism-venues/culture/culture-about.aspx


We have a variety of heritage buildings such as City Hall and the Albert Clock. /tourism-venues/culture/arts-heritage-fund.aspx

Theatres & public entertainment

The Waterfront Hall and Ulster Hall are our two key entertainment venues.
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