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IT training

Computer and online basics

  • Course duration

    Two days: 9.30am - 4.30pm

  • Course description

    Computer and online basics is an IT qualification from the British Computer Society (BCS) aimed at IT beginners. The aim of it is to show the use and role of technology in our everyday lives.

    Computer and online basics is made up of five units:

    • Computer basics
    • Introduction to the desktop
    • Introduction to documents
    • World Wide Web
    • Email

    You will carry out workbook exercises at the end of each unit and there is a final exercise when all five units have been completed.

    Upon successful completion of this programme, a certificate is awarded by BCS.

  • Course agenda

    Section Details
    Section 1 
    • Computer basics
    • Parts of the computer
    • Types of computer
    • Getting started
    • The keyboard
    • The mouse
    • Shut down the computer
    Section 2 
    • Introduction to the desktop
    • Icons
    • Taskbar and Start button
    • Windows
    • Storing information
    • Applications
    • Different file types
    Section 3 
    • Introduction to documents
    • Creating a document
    • Name and save
    • Change font
    • Bold, italics and underline
    • Cut and paste
    • Copy and paste
    • Print
    Section 4 
    • The World Wide Web
    • Evaluating information
    • Online security
    • Connecting to the internet
    • Navigating
    • Downloading
    • Search engines
    • Social networking
    Section 5 
    • Email
    • Email accounts
    • Creating an email
    • Replying to an email
    • Forwarding an email
    • Mail attachments
  • Goals and objectives of course


    1. To develop your understanding of the basic functions of a personal computer.
    2. To develop your knowledge of the Microsoft packages such as Word, Internet Explorer and Outlook.


    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    1. recognise different types of computers
    2. understand different parts of the computer
    3. start up the computer and log on
    4. use the mouse and keyboard
    5. understand the computer desktop and common icons
    6. switch between open windows
    7. open, maximise, minimise and close windows
    8. compare internal and external storage devices
    9. understand the function of different types of applications
    10. open Microsoft Word and create a new document
    11. format a Word document
    12. save and name a document
    13. print a document
    14. use copy and cut icons to move text in a document
    15. understand what a web browser is
    16. understand the structure of a web address
    17. browse the internet using Internet Explorer
    18. understand the terms homepage, URL and favourites or bookmarks
    19. log onto a Website using a username and password
    20. complete and submit a web based form
    21. print a webpage
    22. use a search engine to find information
    23. download a file from the internet
    24. understand the concept of social networking websites
    25. understand what email is
    26. understand the structure of an email address
    27. be aware of different email accounts
    28. use the Inbox and Sent Items folders
    29. send and receive email messages
    30. reply to and forward messages
    31. attach files to a message
    32. shut down the computer.

    You will complete all of the above using the BCS Computer and online basics workbook.

  • Cost of course

    External attendees: £195 plus VAT per candidate.

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