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Physical investment

Lanyon Tunnels

  • Developing Lanyon Tunnels

    As part of our aim to create jobs and regenerate communities across Belfast, we are developing exciting plans to bring the Lanyon Tunnels back into use.

    These eight defunct tunnels run below East Bridge Street, weaving their way between the Markets area and connecting Lanyon Place Station, St George’s Market, the former Maysfield Leisure Centre site and Lanyon Place. 

    Although not in use for over 70 years, the tunnels are an important part of Belfast’s commercial heritage and were originally used by cattle traders as holding pens for cattle on their way to the slaughterhouse in nearby Stewart Street.

  • Current status

    The spaces are currently bricked up, creating a physical barrier between the Markets and the city centre, but they present a unique space for possible commercial development, right in the heart of the city. Once refurbished, they could be suitable for retail, light industrial, office and leisure use (subject to planning). 

    Opening them up could also improve mobility and access, and connect the local community to new developments and opportunities being created in the wider Laganside area, including the expansion of Belfast Waterfront and the development of Grade A office space on the former Maysfield Leisure Centre site. 

    We have been working closely with the Markets Development Association to explore various ideas for using the tunnels and examine how best they could be used to create jobs, preserve heritage and bring further benefits and opportunities. 

    An economic appraisal has been undertaken, planning permission is in place and we have applied for funding to progress our plans. We have also carried out an expression of interest process to see whether the project is sustainable, subject to funding being secured.

    If you’d like more information about this project, call 028 9032 0202 (extension 3515).

  • Find Lanyon Tunnels

    This is a map showing where the Lanyon Tunnels are in Belfast.

  • Gallery

    This Flickr gallery shows photos of the Lanyon Tunnels and an artist's impression of the completed project.

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