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Learning City Competition for Schools and Learning Centres

  • About the Learning City Competition

    Belfast was named a UNESCO Learning City in 2021 in recognition of the city’s commitment to promoting lifelong learning.

    Learning happens everywhere – in the classroom, at home with family or friends, belonging to a sports club, youth club, working, volunteering – or even while enjoying a hobby and spending time on your own.

  • What we’re looking for

    We’re asking post primary school students to capture 'what Belfast as a learning city means to you.’

    Create your own video telling us what you think makes Belfast a great place to live, learn and play – or interview the individuals who help to make Belfast such a rich and diverse city.

  • Why get involved?

    If you are in post primary school (or equivalent) this is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and digital skills – and get paid in the process!

    Winning content will be used to create a short video of what Belfast as a Learning City means - everyone's content that is used will be credited.

    Certificates will be presented to winning pupils.

    Each participating school or learning centre is guaranteed at least one winning entry in Key Stage 3 and one in Key Stage 4.

    Each winning entry will be awarded £75, paid directly to the young person responsible for creating the content.

  • Who can be featured in the video?

    If you decide to feature people in your video, everyone featured must be 16 years old or more, and you must get their written permission before filming them. This could simply be a line saying that they are happy to be featured in the Belfast Learning City competition, with their signature and date. Please keep this.

  • How do I create digital content?

    There are lots of hints and tips to help you create your video – check out Google and YouTube.

    When thinking about what content to create, think about what will make your video original and memorable.

    Our partners, the Nerve Centre, delivered an online workshop that provided some hints and tips on creating digital content. This included:

    • camera angles and shot types;
    • sound recording;
    • lighting;
    • interview techniques; and
    • editing your footage using B-roll and cutaways.

    You can watch a recording of the workshop on YouTube (link opens in new window)

  • Who can submit a video?

    Any young person attending a Belfast post primary school or of post primary school age, living in Belfast.

  • What to include in your video

    Your video should:

    • tell us what Belfast as a Learning City means to you; and
    • be between 60 and 90 seconds long.
  • How to submit your video

    Upload your content to YouTube selecting ‘unlisted option’ and then send us the YouTube link in your application. Only people you share your link with will be able to see your video. 

    If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can read our instructions.

    If you are aged 16 years or above you can enter your own video.

    Submit entry ages 16+ (link opens in new window)

    If you are aged between 11 and 15, your parent or guardian can submit your entry.

    Submit entry for 11 to 15 year olds (link opens in new window)

  • Closing date

    The closing date for entries is Friday 28 October 2022.

  • Questions

    If you have any questions, please email

How to upload a video to YouTube

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