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Active Communities

The Active Communities programme is designed to help Belfast get more active. We are working with Sport NI to deliver the programme.

The programme aims get more people involved in sport and physical recreation, particularly under-represented groups including women and girls, people with a disability and older people.

We work with Belfast Community Sports Development Network (BCSDN), Disability Sport NI and various sports governing bodies to provide specialist coaches and activity leaders. The coaches help to deliver sports and other activities to more than 18,000 Belfast residents in leisure and community centres and school and church halls throughout the city. Activities include:

  • athletics
  • Gaelic games
  • cricket
  • rugby
  • tennis
  • multi-sports
  • soccer
  • multi-skills
  • cycling
  • older persons activities, and
  • female focused activities

GP referral

GP referral is part of our Healthwise scheme. If your doctor refers you for this scheme, you’ll receive a personal exercise programme, as well as free access to local leisure facilities for 12 weeks.

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