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Halloween in Belfast all set to have a Mexican flavour
Halloween street party to celebrate Castle Street area
Hammer Community Centre
Harassment and unlawful eviction
Hate crime
Have we forgotten how to make friends?
Health and safety
Health and Social Care Employment Academy
Health and wellbeing
Heart of city centre transformed into children’s playground
Heating your home
Help with burial records
Heritage in Belfast
Hidden heritage of City Cemetery to be revealed
High energy St Patrick’s Day celebrations primed for Belfast
High hedges
High Sheriff
Highfield Community Centre
Hiring St George's Market
History and restoration
History of Belfast City Hall
History of Belfast's markets
Holiday arrangements
Home heating
Home safety
Horn Drive Community Centre
Housekeeping Employment Academy
Housing information
How are rates used
How do we process your application?
How rates are used
How rates are used - Investment Programme
How rates are used - Bins and recycling
How rates are used - Building Control and Licensing
How rates are used - Cemetery, cremation and mortuary
How rates are used - Community services
How rates are used - Council Management
How rates are used - Councillors
How rates are used - Culture and Heritage
How rates are used - Economic Development
How rates are used - Environmental Health
How rates are used - Maintenance of Council properties
How rates are used - Other
How rates are used - Street cleaning and public toilets
How rates are used - Tourism
How to apply
How to apply
How we use your rates
How we use your rates
How we use your rates - Leisure
Human trafficking
Hundreds of job opportunities in two of Belfast’s newest hotels