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Published - January 2024

Belfast Housing Land Availability Summary Report


Appendix A: Summary Methodology

The Housing Land Availability Monitor measures net gains in housing within the Belfast City Council area. It provides a snapshot of the amount of land available for new homes as of 1 April each year. The Monitor demonstrates the presence of an adequate and continuous supply of housing land in the city and provides evidence to inform the preparation of the Local Development Plan and to make planning decisions.

The Monitor presents a register of potential housing land, based on current planning policy designations and planning permissions, rather than an accurate picture of viable housing land. An Urban Capacity Study will be undertaken from time to time to assess the suitability, availability and achievability of monitored sites to contribute to a viable 5 year supply of land. An Urban Capacity Study for Belfast was published in March 2018.


Residential planning approvals
Previous Housing Monitor sites
Records of building completions
Zoned housing land and Urban Capacity Study
Annual Survey
Mark sites were permission expiredRemove sites with non-residential developmentUpdate units completed on sites
Add new sitesDesk based research and site visitsMark sites as 'not started', 'ongoing' or 'completed'
Annual Report
Summary report published with:
  • Units completed each year and remaining potential capacity of land
  • Area of land developed and remaining land for new homes
The report presents findings split into:
  • Location of site: Belfast City Centre, Harbour Area, Outer City, Small Settlements (Hannahstown, Edenderry, Loughview);
  • Type of site: Previously developed/brownfield land, greenfield land; and
  • Status of site: Land zoned for residential development/mixed use, un-zoned land.

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