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Imagine if there was a unique place in the heart of Belfast. A place where real stories of love and loss, conflict and peace, history and hope are told by the people who have lived them.

A place where you not only get a true sense of the city of Belfast - past, present and future, but also gain new insights into the basic human needs of belonging and homeland. A place where age old stories of identity are told in a new way - a way that looks forward. A place that embodies the best of Belfast.


This is that place. This major tourism anchor consists of three main components: Belfast Stories – a new visitor experience that immerses the visitor in the spirit of Belfast; Belfast Screen Centre – a state of the art, multi screened cultural cinema and digital centre for the creative industries; Social Spaces – places to meet, eat, drink, shop, network and relax. 

This is the place where you feel the buzz of the city as culture comes alive and is the perfect starting point for a visit to Belfast and beyond…

Whether you visit Belfast Stories, watch a new release at the Belfast Screen Centre or take part in a story collection workshop, this offers a new insight into the city and the people – in a way that has never been done before.


The beating heart is Belfast Stories, a visitor experience that shares remarkable first-person accounts of the city by the people who call it home.


Raw, honest, emotional narratives, founded on an ambitious city-wide story collection, will be delivered through sensory, immersive installations. Having experienced the soul of Belfast inside, visitors will be encouraged to continue their journey outside by exploring more of the city through its stories.

The story of Belfast is complex, multi-faceted and compelling. The story of Belfast is still being written...

Visitors will encounter a changing city and leave with an insight into what it means to belong to Belfast.


From local trailblazers to international pioneers, the new Screen Centre will host the best visual storytelling from around the world and will support the skills and talent for the industry to continue to grow. 


The state-of-the-art cinema will have four auditoria and an outdoor screen, offering visitors a unique and world-class programme of new releases, premieres, film festivals and special events. It will also provide important access to Northern Ireland’s digital screen archive, allowing visitors to explore our rich screen history and authentic local stories, all facilitated by a year-round programme of talks and interactive events. 

The Screen Centre will be home to local screen industries with spaces for creativity, innovation and learning.  Fostering networks and collaborations across the sector, it will celebrate and showcase our internationally acclaimed film and screen industry, in an accessible new city centre facility. 


Dynamic architecture and vibrant public spaces will connect Belfast Stories visitor experience and the Belfast Screen Centre allowing for lively event programming and conversation.


With the best of local food and drink on offer, social spaces will be brought to life through distinctive programming ensuring the stories of Belfast continue to be told throughout.

From day into evening, visitors will be able to relax in the rooftop urban park and gardens, attend events in the central courtyard and squares, or eat and drink in the restaurant bar with panoramic views over our vibrant, metropolitan city.


Belfast Stories Public Consultation - August 2022 to November 2022

Our public consultation closed on 20 November 2022. A report outlining the findings will be published in summer 2023.

You can still view the public consultation materials:

Market engagement