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Published - June 2024

Performance Improvement Plan 2024 - 2025

Improvement objective 3: Our place

In addition to the improvement action below, we will create a more attractive, vibrant, and connected city by delivering programmes of work and activities contained within the Belfast Agenda 2024-28, the draft Corporate Plan 2024-28, committee plans and supporting departmental and business plans.

Improvement objective 3

We will create a more vibrant, attractive, and connected city (including the city centre).

Why is this an improvement objective? 

  • Improvement objective aligned to the outcomes, priorities, strategic intents, and actions identified within the Belfast Agenda 2024-28 and draft Corporate Plan 2024-28. 
  • Feedback from elected members during planning workshops highlighted the need to prioritise and enhance the appeal of our city centre for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.
  • We are committed to enhancing the connectivity of the city and ensuring that we can work with partners to increase opportunities for active and sustainable travel through the Belfast Agenda.
  • Residents have told us that they want the city centre to be vibrant, safe, and welcoming. 

Relevant strategies, plans and evidence at regional and local level

Regional: Eastern Transport Plan 2035 (under development); Regional Development Strategy 2035.

Local: Belfast City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy (BCCRIS); A Bolder Vision for Belfast; Belfast Resilience Strategy, LDP.

Alignment to the Belfast Agenda and corporate plan

BA outcome: Belfast will be a vibrant, attractive, connected and environmentally sustainable city.

BA and corporate plan theme: Our place – Creating a liveable and connected, vibrant and competitive city.

BA and corporate plan priorities: Connectivity, active and sustainable travel; Future City Centre and wider regeneration and investment.

Statutory aspect of improvement 
  • Strategic effectiveness
  • Service quality, availability, and fairness
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation

We will:

  • Deliver the Vacant to Vibrant programme to the end of the pilot period to support work to reduce city centre vacancy rates.
  • Create a more connected city by progressing the delivery of the Greenways Programme.
  • Deliver the Physical Programme including the Neighbourhood Regeneration Fund (NRF), Local Investment Fund (LIF), Belfast Investment Fund (BIF), Social Outcomes Fund (SOF) and other initiatives to support regeneration and place shaping across the city.
  • Progress infrastructure works at the North Foreshore to support the development of the site.
  • Work with the developer on emerging development specifications for the 250-acre Giant’s Park site through a Master Development Agreement. 
  • Complete a review of litter bin provision to ensure adequate resourcing and arrangements for waste disposal across the city.

Our measures of success for 2025 include:

  • Occupying 26 previously vacant city centre properties as a result of the Vacant to Vibrant intervention.
  • Awarding £420,000 (in total) through Vacant to Vibrant funding to city centre traders to address vacancy.
  • Progressing four greenways to improve the connectivity of the city (Black Mountain Greenway, Access to the Hills, Sydenham Greenway and Colin Greenway).
  • Completing 10 projects under the Physical Programme.
  • Developing 100 emerging projects under the Physical Programme.
  • Supporting 23 organisations under the £10.28m NRF programme.  
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