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Published - June 2024

Performance Improvement Plan 2024 - 2025

Looking back - performance improvement summary achievements 2023-2024

Our 2023-24 year-end self-assessment will be published on our website in September 2024 and some key achievements are summarised below:

  • 100% of milestones achieved or partially achieved.
  • 75% of available performance indicators either met or exceeded target.
  • 83% of available performance indicators have either maintained or showed improvement on previous years.
  • Customer contact service level (people answered within 120 seconds) improved by 10%.
  • Number of people using leisure centres increased by 10.6%.
  • Number of responses to consultation surveys increased by over 24%.
  • Awarded silver NI environmental benchmarking survey rating.
  • 90.2 % of council fleet fuel consumed that is HVO.
  • 61(SME) and companies directly engaged in the Smart District programme (over double the target figure).
  • 17 previously vacant city centre properties became occupied as a result of Vacant to Vibrant grants.
  • 86% planning enforcement cases processed within 39 weeks – exceeding the statutory 70% target.
  • 688 participants or businesses supported through the ‘Go For It’ programme.
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