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Published - January 2024

Employment Land Monitor Report


The figures included in this document do not include all development. It should therefore be assumed that some refurbishments and other permitted development have been developed and are not included in this document as there is no requirement for such works to be subject to the planning process. Where there has been an application permitted which includes intensification of an existing employment site, i.e. an extension or additional floor to existing employment building, only net additional floorspace is recorded as the site area already exists and would be misrepresentative.

It must also be recognised that the site area for planning applications expressed in hectares has been reduced in some instances to reflect only the site and not the access arrangements as this would have the potential to give misleading results. In a small number of schemes, the floorspace figures were not readily available and estimates of the floorspace gained or lost has been provided based on the existing building footprint and the number of storeys. Due to rounding, numbers presented throughout this report may not add up precisely to the totals provided.

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