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Published - September 2023

Belfast Agenda

Enabling change

The next four years will be critical in achieving our 2035 ambitions. To grow our population and create more and better jobs, we must grow our innovation led economy, attract significant infrastructural investment, improve the offer of the city and make it more attractive. We must also make the city more active, reducing the dependency on cars, invest in low carbon infrastructure and change our local economic model to synchronise the education and learning pipelines with the jobs that we need.

Belfast has a strong enabling environment which will drive forward change and be a catalyst for achieving much of our ambitions for the city. Collectively, we will build upon the environment and drive forward the opportunities presented to achieve our vision for Belfast in 2035:

City leadership which is empowered to place-shape local economies and communities

Aligning our collective funding to city outcomes and accessing national and regional funding opportunities.

Maximise use of resources and assets to deliver collaborative gains and outcomes for the city and our people.

Ensuring alignment with the Local Development Plan (LDP) 2035 which will facilitate growth by coordinating public and private investment to encourage development where it can be of most benefit to the wellbeing of the community and environment.

Partnership working maximising the opportunities for all through strong established partnerships including, for example, Community Planning, Belfast Region City Deal and the VCSE Panel.

Accountability – clear accountability for delivery through our city governance. Working together to deliver shared city outcomes and being subject to public accountability.

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