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Published - September 2023

Belfast Agenda

Our vision for Belfast 2035

Belfast will be a city re-imagined and resurgent. A great place to live and work for everyone.

Beautiful, well connected and culturally vibrant, it will be a sustainable city shared and loved by all its citizens, free from the legacy of conflict.

A compassionate city offering opportunities for everyone.

A confident and successful city energising a dynamic and prosperous city region. A magnet for talent and business and admired around the world.

A city people dream to visit.

Our Outcomes – the five things people want for 2035

Belfast will be a city...

  • where everyone fulfils their potential
  • where everyone benefits from a thriving and prosperous economy
  • where everyone experiences good health and wellbeing
  • that is a welcoming, safe, fair and inclusive for all
  • that is vibrant, attractive, connected and environmentally sustainable

Our ambitions

There are many things that we will need to do to make our vision a reality. Our ambition is to drive inclusive, sustainable growth, so that we reduce socio-economic inequalities and create a more environmentally sustainable city. Success will be measured against the following five targets and will require hard work, ingenuity and collaborative commitment by the public, private, community and voluntary sectors, working with the people who have a stake in our city’s future.

By 2035…

  • Our city is home to an additional 66,000 people
  • Our economy supports 46,000 additional jobs
  • There will be a 33 per cent reduction in the life expectancy gap between the most and least deprived neighbourhoods
  • Every young person leaving school has a destination that fulfils their potential
  • Our carbon emissions will be reduced by 80 per cent
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