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One of the most attractive cities in the UK and Ireland to live, work, study and invest in

Accelerating City Centre Living

Belfast is fast becoming one of the most attractive cities in the UK and Ireland to live, work, study and invest in.

The growing list of recognition and praise from across the world confirms that Belfast is the place to be, as well as being acknowledged as one of the UK’s most attractive investment destinations.

Belfast has bold ambitions to become home to an additional 66,000 residents and increase the number of homes within the citywide area by 31,600 by 2035, 8,000 of these new homes to be within Belfast city centre.

The growth in city centre office development of over 2 million sq ft since 2015 has created a vibrant and liveable city centre eco system with global occupiers increasingly targeting Belfast and making it their city of choice.

This growing city centre-based workforce is increasingly demanding high quality city centre residential accommodation.

This is an exciting time in Belfast for residential development and for the opportunity which exists to increase our city centre living population.

Belfast City Council (link opens in new window) is working in collaboration with private and public sector partners to seek an acceleration in city centre living and bring forward significant residential opportunities across all housing tenures, reimagining the city centre via placemaking development and improving connectivity between the centre and the surrounding communities, investing in the city’s cultural offering to create a culturally vibrant city centre – a place where people want to work, live, study and invest in.