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Becoming an inclusive, resilient carbon neutral city by 2050


Belfast is committed to becoming an inclusive, resilient carbon neutral city by 2050, and is taking steps to future proof the city for generations to come.

Through our Belfast Resilience Strategy (link opens in new window) we’re working to protect the environment for future generations by using our natural resources and assets carefully and tackling climate change by encouraging greater use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, active travel and public transport; helping Belfast transition to a zero-emissions city.

We’re also working to protect homes and businesses from flooding, more effectively managing our waste and energy, taking better care of our rivers and green spaces and planting 150,000 trees across the city to improve air quality, carbon capture, flood reduction and health and wellbeing.

Through our ambitious Bolder Vision for Belfast (link opens in new window), we’re working to make our city centre greener, more connected, and more accessible by reducing car dominance and promoting active travel (link opens in new window) – as well as embracing the Lagan and waterfront, strengthening connections between the river and the city centre.