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Resilient Belfast

  • Introduction

    Through our Resilient Belfast team and Belfast’s Commissioner for Resilience, Grainia Long, we have worked with partners across the city to identify the major risks to Belfast and have developed a draft strategy which examines what we must do as a collective to prepare for the future.

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  • Resilience Strategy

    Belfast’s draft Resilience Strategy proposes that we transition to an inclusive, low-carbon, climate resilient economy in a generation. This goal aims to ensure we deliver our Belfast Agenda priorities and are ready for the challenges ahead this century. 

    The draft Resilience Strategy is the first time that individuals and organisations across Belfast have worked together to identify the shocks and stresses which make Belfast more vulnerable, and which could threaten our economic, social or environmental future. 

    Stresses Shocks
    Housing supply Population change Infrastructure capacity Climate change
    Segregation and division  Mental health and use of prescription drugs Flooding and extreme weather events Condition of existing NI Housing Executive stock
    Economic recovery capacity: inequality and competitiveness  Dependency on fossil fuels and carbon intensive systems UK exit  Cyber resilience 
    Prevalence of car use  Governance and financing of risk   

    The strategy was produced in collaboration with a range of partners across the city, is informed by data and research and has been supported by our strategic partner, Arup-as part of Belfast’s membership of the Resilient Cities Network. 

    In response to the shocks and stresses listed above, the strategy identifies three areas of focus: 

    • children
    • climate
    • connectivity

    Within these areas of focus, a further 38 actions and programmes are recommended, for action by partners across the city. 

  • Public consultation

    The consultation closed on 17 June 2020.

    During February and March 2020, we held nine neighbourhood workshops, five public drop in sessions and attended several public gatherings. Over 1,000 people shared their views – nearly a third were young people. 

  • Global Resilient Cities Network

    Belfast is a member of the Global Resilient Cities Network (link opens in new window). This is a city-led organisation driving urban resilience action to protect vulnerable communities and critical infrastructure.


  • Action on climate change

    Our elected members declared a climate emergency in October 2019.

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