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High Sheriff of Belfast, Alderman Tommy Sandford
Alderman Tommy Sandford is the new High Sheriff of Belfast. Find out more about this civic role.
Do you represent a Belfast sports club? If so, our free conference will keep you up to date with current topics and campaigns.
City Hall changing places facility
A new Changing Places facility is located just inside the main entrance to City Hall. You can access the Changing Places facility between 9am and 10pm, Monday to Sunday.
zoo closure
Belfast Zoo will be closed from Monday 21 January to Friday 25 January 2019 and from Monday 28 January to Friday 1 February 2019.
Find a Sports Star is a talent search initiative supporting governing body sports in affording quality training opportunities to new talent in a host of sports.
We want you to select a sport, or sports, to try out from our list and register before Monday 4 February 2019. Sessions take place on 19 - 21 February 2019 at various venues.
Bridal Open Day at Belfast Castle, and Malone House
Check out our exquisite Bridal Open Day at Belfast Castle and Malone House on Sunday 20 January from 12 noon.
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