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Lord Mayor's New Year message

28 Dec 2018
Belfast Lord Mayor, Councillor Deirdre Hargey, has praised the people of the city for their resilience and support as we move towards a new beginning in 2019.


Reflecting on a busy and challenging year for the city and her role as Lord Mayor, Councillor Hargey, said we are going forward with renewed energy and ideas as the city begins to recover from the impact of the fire at Bank Buildings in August 2018.


“However, as 2019 approaches I wish the people of Belfast health and prosperity for the year ahead and thank them for the overwhelming support they have shown as they rallied to support our city centre. It was thanks to this welcome resilience that we saw Belfast buck the trend with footfall up 19 per cent in the run-up to Christmas,” said the Lord Mayor.


“Our resilient spirit was further demonstrated as partners across the city came together to help restore the vibrancy of our centre. Council remains committed to ensuring the long-term economic success of the city and taking this as an opportunity to re-imagine Belfast, to improve life for everyone in our city – residents, workers and visitors.


“It is not just physical or environmental challenges we face to transform Belfast however; it’s giving people a voice to help create the sort of city they want to live, work in or visit, and working out ways to put those ideas into practice.


“Belfast, working with five other local councils, has successfully negotiated a £350 million regional City Deal that will allow us to progress technological advances - rolling out 5G communications to attract more Foreign Direct Investment in the city, boosting our cyber and financial success, as well as continuous improvement to our tourism offering.


“It is by working together we can best progress change,” added Councillor Hargey.


“Recently I launched my charter Belfast for All – a charter which puts equality, rights and respect for everyone at its heart. Let 2019 be the year that we work to make Belfast a city that centres equality and rights in all that we do. Where we look after the most vulnerable in our city and where we build an economy that benefits all citizens.


“ Let’s work together to make Belfast the best it can be, a city we can continue to be proud of, a city of sanctuary, a city of hope, a city of ambition, a city that cares. A Belfast for All. “