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Combatting litter with creativity

22 Oct 2019
Talented Belfast students are seeing their anti-litter messages writ large on billboards across the city after entering Belfast City Council's 'Design a Billboard' competition.

The competition was stiff, with 70 entries received from 36 schools and groups in the city.

The four winners were:

• Hazelwood Integrated Primary School, north Belfast
• St Anne's Primary School, south Belfast
• Dreamscheme NI, east Belfast
• St Genevieve's High School, west Belfast

Chair of Belfast City Council's People and Communities Committee, Councillor Michael Collins said: "It's really heartening to see the level of creativity and enthusiasm displayed by the many young students who took time to enter their designs in our billboard competition.

"I hope that these messages will encourage people to stop and think about the negative impact of littering on their communities and to make an effort to recycle and use bins. The winning students should be very proud to see their messages displayed in their communities - they're positive influencers, making their voices heard in a very creative way and helping to protect our environment."

For more information on what you can do to help with recycling, go to
Hazelwood Integrated Primary School St Anne's Primary School Dreamscheme NI St Genevieve's