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Belfast Bikes stations to be re-located to improve network

26 Oct 2017
A number of the Coca-Cola Zero Belfast Bikes docking stations are to be re-located to areas of higher demand, to meet the growing popularity of the scheme.

The move comes as part of an ongoing review of the scheme, which identified a number of less popular locations, in the city centre network, and will now be moved to areas of high demand.

The first of the stations to be moved is that at East Bridge Street/Stewart Street, which will cease to be operational from today (Thursday). There are alternative docking stations nearby, at Lanyon Place and Mays Meadow.

Four other stations will also be relocated – at Winetavern Street, Dunbar Link, Writers’ Square and North Street. These stations are also in close proximity to alternative ones, and therefore will not create gaps in the network and should not be a great inconvenience to users of the scheme.

The stations will be moved to new locations. Three of these will be on the Ormeau Road: in the vicinity of the Ormeau Bridge/Ormeau Park, Ulidia Playing Fields and the Rosetta Roundabout. The two other new stations will be a Stranmillis Roundabout and Catalyst Inc. in the Titanic Quarter.

The new locations have been identified through feedback from the Belfast Bikes survey and from scheme users, as well as requests from the public. They also are in areas of high residential density or footfall, for part of a supporting network and are in close proximity to the existing cycling infrastructure.

For more information on the Coca-Cola Zero Belfast Bikes public hire scheme, visit
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