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Road closures

From the 4 September 2017, any person wishing to prohibit or restrict traffic using public roads to facilitate special events (any sporting event, social event, entertainment or the making of a film) taking place the public road, may apply to the council. 

After public notification and consultation with various statutory bodies including the PSNI and NIFRS and after receiving the consent of the Department for Infrastructure Roads, the council will determine if a Road Closure Order is to be made. 

Department for Infrastructure Roads has responsibility for special roads such as the motorways and the Westlink.

The making of a film includes the making of TV programmes, films or advertisements.

There are a number of activities which are not “special events” for the purposes of this legislation. These are:

  • public processions 
  • motor road races
  • cycle races or trials. 

Applicants should note that although the legislation provides the power to prohibit or restrict the use of a public road, pedestrian access to any premises situated on or adjacent to the road or any other premises accessible for pedestrians from, and only from, the road must be maintained at all times.

Guidance for promoters of events (PDF - 423KB) issued by the Department for Infrastructure is available to download.

Advertising your road closure

You must provide plenty of notice in order to publicly advertise the road closure. It will also be added to this council website. You must allow a 21 day period for representations to be submitted and to be determined by the council. 

Current applications

 Road  Date and time of closure  Purpose   Applicant Date published Download details 
Closure of Pacific Avenue 10 July
9am - 1pm
Filming Richard Glenholmes  14 June 2018 Printed notice (PDF - 600KB)
Road closure map - (PDF - 248KB)
Closure of Union Street 4 August
8am - 10pm
Street party Anthea Wilson  14 June 2018 Printed notice (PDF - 603KB)
Road closure map - (PDF - 148KB)
Closure of Regent Street 30 August, 6am to 3 September, 6pm Beer festival Darren Nugent 14 June 2018 Printed notice (PDF - 604KB)
Road closure map - (PDF - 2MB)

A copy or copies of the application/s is available for inspection free of charge at the address stated.

If you wish to make a representation regarding any proposed road closure, it will need to be received by the council within the 21 days of the publication of the notice.

This should be addressed to:
The Building Control Manager
Building Control Service
Ground Floor 
Cecil Ward Building
4 - 10 Linenhall Street
BT2 8BP 

You can also email this to 

Contact us
Building Control Service
028 9027 0650
Ground floor
Cecil Ward Building
4 - 10 Linenhall Street