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Road closures

Any person wishing to prohibit or restrict traffic using public roads to facilitate special events (any sporting event, social event, entertainment or the making of a film) taking place the public road, may apply to the council. 

After public notification and consultation with various statutory bodies including the PSNI and NIFRS and after receiving the consent of the Department for Infrastructure Roads, the council will determine if a Road Closure Order is to be made. 

Department for Infrastructure Roads has responsibility for special roads such as the motorways and the Westlink.

The making of a film includes the making of TV programmes, films or advertisements.

There are a number of activities which are not “special events” for the purposes of this legislation. These are:

  • public processions 
  • motor road races
  • cycle races or trials. 
Applicants should note that although the legislation provides the power to prohibit or restrict the use of a public road, pedestrian access to any premises situated on or adjacent to the road or any other premises accessible for pedestrians from, and only from, the road must be maintained at all times.

Apply for a road closure

“To apply for a road closure, you can download the application form and return it by post, along with the Public Liability Insurance declaration for road closures and other relevant documents and fees, to:

Building Control
Ground Floor
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street

Advertising your road closure

You must provide plenty of notice in order to publicly advertise the road closure. It will also be added to this council website. You must allow a 21 day period for representations to be submitted and to be determined by the council.

Current applications

 Road  Date and time of closure  Purpose   Applicant Date published Objection deadline Download details 
Mount Merrion Avenue – from Junction of Knock Eden Crescent.
Knockbreda Road and Rosetta Road from junction of Knock Eden Park to junction of Bannagh Corner.
Mount Merrion Park at the junction of Rosetta Road at the shops.
30 September
6am to 1pm
Filming David Cooke 8 September 29 September 2018 Printed notice (Doc- 32KB)
Road closure map 1 (PDF - 347KB)
Road closure map 2 (PDF - 258KB)
Car parking suspension: Donegall Place and Upper Arthur Street
Inner Lane Closure: Donegall Square West to Donegall Square East junction
Pedestrian Control system: Donegall Place junction with Donegall Square North

Relocation of taxi rank: Donegall Square North to Donegall Square East

Closure: Donegall Place and Donegall Square West
Closure: Donegall Square North from Wellington Place
Closure: Chichester Street
*Pedestrian access to the above will be retained until 5.30 p.m.
16 November 11.15pm - 17 November 11.15pm

17 November
6am - 11pm

17 November
3pm - 11pm
Christmas lights switch on Belfast City Council 10 September 1 October 2018 Printed notice (Doc- 28KB)
Road closure map 1 (PDF - 207KB)
Road closure map 2 (PDF - 238KB)
Road closure map 3 (PDF - 98KB)

Full Road Closures:
Botanic Avenue, University Avenue, University Square, College Green, India Street, Ireton Street, Cromwell Road, Cameron Street, Lower Crescent, Posnett Street, Dublin Road, Pakenham Street, Ventry Street, Downshire Place, Bruce Street, Hope Street, Bankmore Street, Ormeau Avenue, Bedford Street, Clarence Street, Clarence Street West, Franklin Street, James Street South, Donegall Square West

Lane closures:
Great Victoria Street, Howard Street, Donegall Square North

Controlled Crossing:
University Street, Donegall Pass

 7 October
8am - 12.30pm
Ciclovia Conal Heatley 10 September 1 October 2018 Printed notice (Doc- 33KB)
Road closure map (PDF - 2.7MB


Castle Street (from junction of Queen Street to Primark cordon), Chapel Lane, Fountain Lane, Fountain Street, College Street

26th October     11am - 11pm

Harvest Fair

Belfast City Council

 4 October

24 October 2018

Printed notice  (PDF - 603KB)

Road closure map(PDF 338KB)


Donegall Pass from Conduit Street to Oak Street, Conduit Street, Maryville Street from Donegall Pass to Salisbury Street, Virginia Street, Elm Street

29 October             9:30am-8pm             


5 December                  1:30pm-11pm         

26 March        9:30am-8pm

Community fair

 Sophie Rasmussen

 6 October

 26 October 2018

Printed notice (Doc 29KB)

Road closure map(PDF-227KB)


Windsor Park

31 October 4pm -    1 November 4am


 David Cooke

 10 October

9am  30 October 2018

Printed notice (PDF-597KB)

Road closure map (PDF-315KB)

Suspension of parking: Donegall Place; Chicester Street; Wellington Place; Upper Arthur Street   


Closed to vehicular traffic: Donegall Square East; Donegall Square West; Donegall Square North; Chichester Street; Donegall Place; Upper Arthur Street from Chichester Street to Arthurs Lane; Montgomery Street from Chichester Street to Gloucester Street; Seymor Street from Chichester Street to Gloucester Street; Wellington Place; Queen Street from Wellington Place to College Street; Upper Queen Street.                                      



2 November 6pm -   3 November 10pm



3 November 5pm - 10pm

F1 Festival  Nigel Cleary   10 October  9am 30 October

Printed notice (Doc-29KB)

Road closure map (PDF-331KB)

Closed to vehicular traffic: Ballynahatty Road; Edenderry Road; New Forge Lane from Clement Wilson Park to Lockkeepers Lane 3 November 11am - 12 noon  Belfast Telegraph Run Forest Run 5Km & 10Km Gerard Rowe  10 October  9am 30 October

Printed notice (Doc-28KB)

Road closure map (PDF-2101KB)

A copy or copies of the application/s is available for inspection free of charge at the address stated.

If you wish to make a representation regarding any proposed road closure, it will need to be received by the council within the 21 days of the publication of the notice.

This should be addressed to:
The Building Control Manager
Building Control Service
Ground Floor 
Cecil Ward Building
4 - 10 Linenhall Street
BT2 8BP 

You can also email this to 

Contact us
Building Control Service
028 9027 0650
Ground floor
Cecil Ward Building
4 - 10 Linenhall Street