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Sail Training Voyages 2019

Our mission is to engage with the residents of Belfast city and to change lives by creating access to sail training experiences and voyages for citizens of all abilities and backgrounds.


  • promote active citizenship and increase the participation in civic life 
  • promote and support volunteering
  • health and wellbeing 
  • environment and climate change 
  • improve the key competencies and skills of young people 
  • increase the participation of all citizens with fewer opportunities 
  • promote intercultural learning and dialogue 
  • promote social inclusion and solidarity and
  • increased learning mobility and employability.


We currently run programmes which recognise that outdoor education and sail training can enhance the lives of young and older people regardless of their ability or background. As the civic leader, we have signed up to the Belfast Agenda with our key public, private, voluntary and community partners. Through the Belfast Agenda the Sail Training Program seeks to support and energise communities to become more confident and to ensure the development of transferable skills that can be applied to future employment opportunities. We will seek to tackle the ongoing challenges within neighbourhoods and ensure they are not left behind. In order to achieve this we will utilise the Belfast Employability and Skills Framework and the community service’s delivery model.

Additionally we aim to promote inclusion and diversity and an acceptance of different backgrounds and abilities, improving and strengthening the collaboration between partner organisations and promoting people’s confidence and willingness to participate actively in society. Health and wellbeing is also a key theme to the sail training program with advice and practical workshops carried out on Tall Ship voyages.

Expression of interest

The City of Belfast is seeking expressions of interest from experienced operators or organisations to provide sail training opportunities for local trainees.

Tall Ships Voyages

86 citizens aged from 15 to 70+ took part in this year’s Tall Ships program with a total of 12 voyages totalling 66 days sailing on board the Tall Ships Atyla, Maybe, Pelican of London, Lord Nelson and the Classic ship Brian Ború . These voyages varied in length from 1 – 14 day voyages and visited ports and maritime festivals in Southampton, Coab, Belfast, Liverpool, Scotland, Gosport, Dublin, IOM and Cork. Here the young people gained invaluable skills and qualifications. These skills and qualifications help build young people’s development in community leadership and social and civic engagement through coaching and mentoring from the crew and youth mentors on board the ship to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Belfast Tall Ships taster voyages

Join TS Maybe for a two day tall ship sailing experience. We head out of Belfast across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man, along the South Coast of Ireland or across to Scotland, depending on the wind direction and weather conditions. This voyage is a great opportunity to gain experience sailing a traditional tall ship in the beautiful and rugged sailing area of the Irish Sea.

A bursary is available for this voyage of £100, see link below of bursary and application.

Voyage 1

Ship   Over 25 Under 25 
 TS Maybe  £160  £200
 Embarkation  Disembarkation  Days Sailing
 Belfast Marina, May 1 2019  Belfast Marina, May 3 2019  2

Voyage 2 

Over 25  Under 25 
 TS Maybe  £160  £200
 Embarkation  Disembarkation  Days Sailing
 Belfast Marina, May 6 2019  Belfast Marina, May 8 2019  2


ast Tall Ships day sailing experience 


Join Tall Ship Maybe for a day sailing in Belfast Lough. You can take your turn at the helm, help to hoist the sails and gain some nautical skills, or if you choose, sit back, relax and take in the sea air!

A bursary is available for this voyage of £85, see link below for details of bursary application.

Day sail 1 

Ship  Over 25  Under 25 
 TS Maybe  £125  £150
 Embarkation  Disembarkation  Days Sailing
 Belfast Marina, May 4 2019  Belfast Marina, May 4 2019  1

Day sail 2
 Ship  Over 25  Under 25
TS Maybe £125  £150
Embarkation Disembarkation Days Sailing
Belfast Marina, May 5 2019 Belfast Marina, May 5 2019 1

Tall Ships Volunteers:

10 Tall Ships Volunteers assisted the Community Development Officer (Sail Training) at various events throughout the 2018 program. Volunteers are key to the promotion of the Tall Ships sail training program and were based on the Tall Ship Maybe during the Maritime Festival. Volunteers were responsible for engaging with the public to promote the Sail Training programme and looking after the expression of interest sheets, our volunteers engaged and assisted with over 200 visitors. Further to this a tour of the Tall Ship Pelican of London was conducted by the skipper and assisted by 2 of our volunteers for 2 young persons and their families with specific needs.

Community Dingy Sailing and Harbour Education Event:

Local charity and RYA accredited Belfast Lough Sailability was selected to deliver this event supported by the sail training volunteers. 36 young people aged 11 – 15 of all abilities got the opportunity to gain basic knowledge in sailing a Hawk keel boat and a Ruffian 23 learning rigging, sail control and helm. The young people then joined the crew of the new multi-purpose rescue/motor boat Invincible to experience an educational cruse of the port of Belfast exploring the commercial side of the docks along with shipbuilding, titanic history and environmental awareness of bird and water life. 

To complete their experience they then took a tour on the SS Nomadic - tender to the Titanic and the last remaining White Star Line ship in the world! Restored to her original glory and back home in Belfast’s historic Hamilton Dock. All the young people then received a certificate of participation presented by Belfast City Council Tall ships volunteers.

Tall Ships Awards Belfast City Hall

Belfast Lord Mayor Councillor Deidra Hargey hosted the 2018 Tall Ships Award on Friday 19 October at Belfast City Hall. A total of 75 participants along with parents, friends, community, voluntary and local partners celebrated the achievements of all who took part on a 2018 voyage.

36 participants completed their Tall Ships Trainee Crew Certificate and 6 completed their Erasmus+ youth pass certificate.

Awards were presented to groups who completed specific themed voyages.

  • All Ability voyage, Tall Ship Lord Nelson - 10 participants.
  • Carers voyage, Tall Ship Maybe – 12 participants.
  • Community and voluntary group day sail, Tall Ship Maybe – 12 from Lagan Dragons and 12 from Lagan Search and Rescue.

Young lad Joel Baker from East Belfast picked up the special Maritime Young Supporters Award, Joel followed the Tall ships with his parents from the Belfast Maritime festive, to Liverpool and finishing off at Dublin’s festival over a 3 week period all the time promoting the Belfast Tall Ships Program.

Individual awards were made to three young people who contributed above and beyond expectations to the Tall ships Program. 

  • Brenda Green, Tall Ships Volunteer of the year, 
  • Paulina Erin Shapashnikova, Tall Ships Skipper Award and 
  • Ryan Thompson, Tall Ships Trainee of the year.

Photo gallery

This gallery shows photos of trainees who received their certificates at the Sail Training program celebration event.

Sail Training Voyages 2018 
More information

If you have any queries, please call Stephen Tate, Community Development Officer, on 028 9032 0202 ext 3584 or email


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