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Belfast Agenda

Belfast Agenda 2017

Belfast Agenda - Belfast’s first community plan 

Following an extensive period of engagement and consultation, we are pleased to publish our city’s first community plan – the Belfast Agenda.

Approximately 200 organisations and 2,000 individuals have contributed to the development of the Belfast Agenda through a series of consultation and engagement events. 

As the convening authority for Belfast, we are immediately turning our eyes to delivery and working with a number of key partners that are integral to delivering the Belfast Agenda.


Community planning is a responsibility we took on in 2015 as a result of local government reform. It’s about making sure that public services work together with communities to deliver real improvements for local people. 

Over the past two years, we have been asking residents and organisations in Belfast to tell us what kind of city they want for the future and what are the things we should be focusing on now to make this happen. People told us that they want a city that provides a high quality of life for everyone who lives here and for the city to be a great place to work, study, visit or set up and grow your business. 

The Belfast Agenda was created by a partnership of key city partners, residents and community organisations. The plan sets out our joint vision and long-term ambitions for Belfast’s future, as well as outlining our priorities for action over the next four years. 

More information

If you would like a more information about the Belfast Agenda or community planning please contact: 

The Community Planning Team 
Belfast City Hall, Room 212  

Call 028 9032 0202 ext 3320 or email

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