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Physical investment

Ballysillan Playing Fields

  • Development plans

    We hope to transform Ballysillan Playing Fields into a new public park.

    Through this major investment by the Executive’s Urban Villages Initiative and with support from DfI’s Living With Water Programme and the Department for Communities, we plan to create new leisure and recreational facilities where families, children, and people of all ages can get active and have fun in an attractive, safe, accessible and ecologically diverse parkland setting.

    The overall concept plan is designed to be:

    • Welcoming – improved facilities will enable the park to cater for a wide range of interests and age groups.
    • Safe – lighting will be installed to improve visibility during the hours of darkness.
    • Accessible – there will be enhancements at pedestrian entrances and pathways within the park will also be upgraded to enable walking, jogging, cycling and running.
    • Natural – improvements will aim to enhance the natural environment. This will see parts of the river opened up to create wetlands plus other work to encourage wildlife and plants to thrive in the future.
  • Current status

    You can read all about the redevelopment plans and give your views as part of a public consultation up to 1 August 2021 at

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