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Creativity UNBOXED


Date: 25 July to 4 September 2022

Venue: Carlisle Memorial Church, Belfast

Category: Arts and culture


Dreamachine will revitalise Carlisle Memorial Church in Belfast, one of the city’s most striking buildings, returning it to a vibrant and shared community space.

Dreamachine is a powerful new immersive experience and wider project that explores the limitless potential of the human mind. Inspired by an extraordinary but little-known 1959 invention by Brion Gysin, the 21st Century Dreamachine will lead you through a unique environment of light and sound. What will you see? How will you feel? Only you will know because every journey through the Dreamachine will be created by your own brain and completely unique to you!

Tickets for Dreamachine will be available from the end of May, ahead of the live experience launching in Belfast. School resources and digital tools will also be available at 

Find out more at (link opens in new window)

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