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Sharing Space in Divided Cities

Date: 9.30am - 12.30pm, Thursday 11 November 2021

Venue: Crumlin Road Gaol

Category: PEACE IV


Belfast is a city known for its welcoming demeanour, vibrant culture and history.

Since the peace agreement was signed in 1998, community organisations have been working to reconnect parts of the city that remain divided to become Shared Spaces. Sharing space has taken many forms across the city as well as across the world.

At this event, we will be joined by a range of experts in the field of Shared Spaces in the Community and we will hear about their research on global divided cities.  We will also have representatives from local organisations to present success stories of the shared spaces in Belfast so far.

The speakers are:

  • Prof Wendy Pullan, Cambridge University and Centre for Urban Conflicts Research
  • Prof Liam O'Dowd, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Michele Bryans, Connswater Community Greenway Trust Manager
  • Cllr John Kyle, Chair of Belfast City Council’s Shared City Partnership

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