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Belfast councillors strike district rate for 2023/24

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Date: 01 Feb 2023

City Hall

Members of Belfast City Council have agreed an increase in the district rate for 2023/24 of 7.99 per cent.

In real terms, this means an average monthly increase of:

  • £2.05 for a terraced property
  • £3.13 for a 3-bed semi-detached property
  • £6.97 for a 4-bed detached property
  • £1.98 for an apartment
  • £51.44 for an office property
  • £42.14 for a retail property

Councillor Emmett McDonough-Brown, chair of Belfast City Council’s Strategic Policy and Resources Committee, said: “For seven years we were able to keep the rates increase below 3 per cent which was a significant achievement; but none of us, including Council, is exempt from the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and the rising costs of energy and services. As councillors, it’s important that we strike a balance between supporting our ratepayers and residents, while also looking after the needs of our own staff as they too are impacted by the current economic times.

“And while we are unfortunately seeing an increase in rates this year, I am pleased that we have been able to keep it below the current rate of inflation; parties have worked hard to keep the rise as low as possible while continuing to invest in our services. This increase in rates will allow us to further invest in a number of key services which we know are priorities for our residents and business community.

“We will be enhancing our neighbourhood and city centre taskforces, recruiting a number of new staff to tackle issues like dog fouling, graffiti, and city centre cleanliness. We are also focused on our credentials as an employer of choice and harmonising pay structures across the organisation to ensure that our lowest paid workers are getting a fair wage.

“Any increase in bills is never a good news story for households, particularly in the current climate; but I want to reassure our ratepayers that we will continue to scrutinise council spend and remain committed to making further efficiency savings wherever possible, while also delivering on our community plan for the city and prioritising action on core council services and facilities, climate, and digital innovation.”

Belfast City Council has already delivered:

  • £300m investment in council facilities including £105m in new leisure centres
  • £9m Local Investment Fund
  • £28.2m Belfast Investment Fund
  • £4m Social Outcomes Fund
  • £18.77m City Centre Investment Fund
  • £10m Neighbourhood Regeneration Fund
  • £850m Belfast Region City Deal including £100m for the Belfast Destination Hub

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