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City Hall illuminated in white - Wednesday 15 November

Date: 15 Nov 2023

City Hall illuminated in white.

At the latest full meeting of Belfast City Council on Wednesday 1 November, the council agreed to illuminate City Hall in white as a “strong symbol and call for peace in the Middle East”.

The illumination will take place on Wednesday 15 November.

The wording to accompany this illumination, as agreed by council on Wednesday 1 November, is:

“That we again endorse and repeat what we have already agreed by illuminating the building white as a strong symbol and call for peace in the Middle East.

“Let us go beyond that again by publicly stating (publishing) that Belfast City Council condemns the killing of civilians which has taken place on all sides and calls for a full and immediate ceasefire, with international intervention and leadership brought to bear in securing a lasting peace, the establishment of a peace process, focusing upon democracy as a means for resolving conflict and underpinned by strong protections, in terms of human rights etc, the release of all hostages and an immediate and comprehensive arms embargo on all parties to the conflict.”

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