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Mental health support organisation chosen as one of Lord Mayor’s charities

Date: 08 Sep 2023

Lord Mayor of Belfast Councillor Ryan Murphy pictured with Mickey Meehan from TAMHI (Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues).

A north Belfast charity which uses sport to raise awareness of mental health and promote positive mental fitness has been announced as one of the chosen charities of Belfast’s Lord Mayor.

TAMHI (Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues) works with sports clubs, schools and youth groups to make mental health fun and engaging.

The charity was set up in 2011 in memory of Thomas “Tammy Tucker” McLaughlin who took his own life in 2009. It delivers workshops, training, talks, games and other activities for grassroots community groups to help them connect with their members and support their mental health.

Lord Mayor Councillor Ryan Murphy said: “I am delighted to announce TAMHI as one of the charities I have chosen for my time in office. While they are based in north Belfast, they provide incredible support for young people and organisations right across the city and beyond.

“According to a recent report published by the Office of the Mental Health Champion, 45.2% of local 16-year-olds meet the criteria for mental ill-health. It also revealed that the wellbeing of 11-year-olds has declined to its lowest level since 2016. The services that TAMHI and other similar organisations provide to build capacity amongst grassroots community organisations to support our young people is therefore crucial.

“TAMHI also does a lot of brilliant work to champion good relations. So, as well as the work they do to address mental health issues, I’m delighted to show my support for the work they do to reduce division within the city.”

Speaking on behalf of the charity, Mickey Meehan from TAMHI said: "We have seen first-hand the impact of COVID and now a cost-of-living crisis on young people, and its heart-breaking. We echo the Mental Health Champion’s call for full support of the NI Mental Health Strategy. We also commend the Lord Mayor for his focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing and choosing TAMHI as a partner this year to make a positive contribution to tackling mental health issues and promoting positive mindsets.”

For more information on the support available from TAMHI, visit


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