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New artwork installed at Global Crescent, Ravenhill

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Date: 26 Sep 2022

Category: Peace IV

Artwork installed at Global Crescent as part of the Peace IV Creative Communities project

A shared community space in Belfast has been transformed with the installation of two large-scale art panels, developed by participants of the Creative Communities project.

The project is part of Belfast City Council’s PEACE IV Programme, under the theme of Building Positive relations, and was funded by the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the SEUPB.

The project aims were to support inclusion and respect for diversity across communities. The Building Positive Relations theme has aimed to promote engagement through art and creative mediums that explore culture, heritage, and the diversity of communities within Belfast. This artwork reflects the engagement and creativity of these participants.

Reflecting on the project, Councillor John Kyle, Chair of Belfast City Council's Shared City Partnership said: “These artworks, developed by the residents from Cantrell Close and Global Village, show the richness, diversity and creativity of these communities. It’s great that they have come together through this project to share their ideas and build positive relationships looking to the future. The PEACE IV Programme has made a huge contribution to helping deliver the council’s Belfast Agenda – which aims to build a shared city for us all by placing Good Relations at its core.”

The delivery of the project has also been supported by additional funders Tbuc, NIHE and the Department for Communities, who played a key part in building upon the PEACE IV Creative Communities project with further opportunities and activities. The video developed by these funders can be easily accessed through the QR link which sits with these artworks.

30 children and adults participated in the project from June 2021, committing to over 66 hours of engagement in art sessions, a residential and the final unveiling celebration. 

The art panels, created with the support and facilitation of artist Dee Craig, were unveiled at a special event at Global Crescent on Saturday 24 September in the Ravenhill area.  The imaginative, creative panels reflect the work achieved by all participants and will remain a poignant feature across these communities.

Further information on Belfast PEACE IV can be found at 

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