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New pilot scheme to tackle parking issues which impact upon bin collections

Date: 08 May 2024

Councillor Micky Murray, Chair of the council’s People and Communities Committee with officers from the Waste Collections team, PSNI and DfI.

A pilot scheme is now underway to address parking issues in Belfast which can make it difficult to empty residents’ bins on time.

Belfast City Council is collaborating with the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Department for Infrastructure on the ‘Park with us in mind’ initiative, which is targeting hotspots where council waste collection vehicles are often unable to gain access in order to help residents dispose of their waste and recycling.  
This can be due to poor, inconsiderate or illegal parking, including parking at street corners, parking on double yellow lines or parking on both sides of the pavement, making it hard or impossible for collection vehicles to pass through.  
Six areas have been identified for the pilot, based on data collected by the council regarding frequent missed collections. Starting in the Stranmillis Road area, they are:  

  • Stranmillis Road area  
  • Donegall Road / Village area  
  • Cregagh Road / Loopland area  
  • Lower Ormeau Area / Park Road area  
  • Iveagh area (Broadway)
  • Springfield Road area

During the pilot, which will run for 18 months initially, streets will undergo a phased approach to help tackle problem parking issues.  
Cars causing an obstruction or parked illegally will initially receive an advisement notice on their windshield, outlining the importance of proper parking to ensure bins can be collected on time and other essential service vehicles, including ambulances and fire engines, can pass by in an emergency.  
Patrols will also be carried out by PSNI and DFI officers, who are responsible for parking enforcement in the city, and there will also be educational outreach activities, undertaken by the three agencies, in the areas involved.   
Potential enforcement action by PSNI and DFI could then follow in streets where problems continue to persist.  

Councillor Micky Murray, Chair of the council’s People and Communities Committee, said: "We understand the frustration caused by obstructed bin collection services due to parking issues.  
“Through this collaborative effort with PSNI and DFI, we aim to not only address immediate concerns but also foster a culture of responsible parking habits to ensure smoother operations for waste collection across the city." 

The council is encouraging both residents and commuters to think before they park and to comply with parking regulations as part of the pilot scheme, with further information available on the council’s website at

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