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Belfast residents encouraged to have their say on city’s future resilience

27 May 2020

Belfast’s Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Peter McReynolds is encouraging people to have their say on how best to ensure the city’s future resilience.

Belfast City Council is currently consulting on its draft Resilience Strategy and people can have their say online before the deadline on June 10.

In April, more than 40 young people from across the city joined in an online discussion on what ‘resilience’ means to them. And last week saw another online engagement session for older people and seniors’ forums in the city.

Councillor McReynolds said: “Our resilience, as individuals, as a community and as a city, is being tested at the moment as we find ourselves in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic.

“While we have been focussed on Council’s immediate response to the current crisis, our work on building a resilient Belfast and our resilience strategy has continued.

“And while at the moment, our focus is still very much on staying home, there will be a recovery period for the city, and so it’s important that we prepare for that.”

Council’s draft resilience strategy provides a roadmap for action around three key issues – climate, children and young people, and how to better connect the city.

Councillor McReynolds added: “It is ironic that while we are coming together as a society to battle this crisis on one front, we are making improvements in other areas such as air quality and changes to our public realm which will better support walking and cycling and help us to address the targets we have around climate change, and creating a healthier, better connected city.

"Covid-19 will teach us lessons for how we respond to other major risks including climate change, and having a city-wide resilience strategy equips Belfast to be much better prepared.

“It is important that when we are considering the city’s future, and how we prepare for shocks and stresses, we build on what we have achieved albeit not in the manner we had hoped for or anticipated.

“I would encourage anyone who is yet to share their views or feedback to log on and complete the online questionnaire on the Council website. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of your city.”

The public consultation period has been extended until June 10 and questionnaires can be completed online

Belfast city centre