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Incident reporting

  • How to report an incident

    Employers, the self-employed and those in control of premises should report workplace accidents or incidents to the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland on 0800 032 0121.

    You must report immediately by phone any accident or incident connected with work which results in:

    • a death or major injury to your employee or a self-employed person working on your premises
    • a member of the public being taken to hospital from your premises
    • or a dangerous event

    You must follow this up within ten days of the incident with a NI2508 form.  You can use the online reporting forms available from the Health and Safety Executive NI website

    Hard copy forms are also available to download. Once completed they should be sent to:

    The Accident Clerk
    83 Ladas Drive
    BT6 9FR

    For more information visit the Health and Safety Executive NI website or call the helpline on 0800 032 0121.

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